peekd empowers businesses to boost online sales through fact-based decisions

1.0 what peekd does

First Party Analytics Data

peekd accesses real-time sales and analytics data of more than 500,000 eCommerce stores across the globe. This means there is no estimation or sampling!

peekd can provide information on sales

Sales Insights

peekd tracks $450 bn worth of online sales per annum, leading to the world’s largest online Point-of-Sales database.

peekd has the world's largest first-party analytics dataset

Marketing Insights

peekd sees customers’ acquisition channels and demographics, allowing you to understand your customers on 3rd party websites. Visit peekd Insights for sample data!

1.1 Marketing benefits

peekd helps you sell more through better audience understanding

Sell more by understanding your audience better. With peekd, you see who buys your audience on 3rd party websites. Use this to make your marketing pitch-perfect!

Save money on expensive reports. peekd generates more accurate insights than your current, survey-based providers. Replace them with peekd for better data and big savings!

peekd helps you save money spent on expensive reports
Track prices across 3rd party websites

Track sales on 3rd party websites to get the pricing right. See your 3rd party sales results on a weekly basis. Know where to intensify, know which channels to focus on, and understand what price point is optimal.

1.2 Investment and consultancy benefits

See total market sizes and market trends

Back up investment decisions with infallible market data. See total online market size  for any product or brand sold online. Forget about Excel calculations, get the data in one click.

Understand complex market dynamics at one glance. peekd provides market growth rates, trends, and market shares. You will know where the market is headed.

Get market growth rates, shares and trends
See top selling products

Get product level granularity. We break our insights down to product-level. You can deep-dive to be completely confident in your advice.

1.3 peekd Insights

We have generated insights on country-level internet usage. Check them out for free on our peekd Insights section. Data covers three dimensions:


peekd Insights shows online Market Interest and Affinity Profiles
  • In-Market Interest
  • Affinity Profiles


peekd provides demographic data on internet users for free
  • Age distribution
  • Gender split


peekd Insights gives dat aon Technology use, such as phone type, device type, and language settings
  • Device use
  • Mobile brands
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • Language settings

1.4 About us

Peekd’s mission is to help clients excel by providing perfect market insights.

We transform analytics data into unique, actionable insights

We have a team of ten data science and backend engineers as well as a management team with experts in market research, data science, and consulting.