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peekd is an ecommerce intelligence platform that adds context to your data and unlocks growth.

Get an industry-level perspective on your metrics


Your comparative analytics toolkit

peekd helps you understand your performance relative to your industry in terms of transactions, AOV, revenue, CVR and more. Uncover winning strategies and start to outperform your competition.


Simply connect your Google Analytics account and you are ready to go. Analyze acquisition channels, store performance, and audience metrics — all in one application.

peekd compares your store against your industry. Identify challenges and growth opportunities to inform and boost your performance.

Increase user engagement, sales and conversions. peekd helps you focus on what matters most, in order to accelerate your business.

Win with market-leading insights

peekd’s dataset includes more than 100 million monthly transactions worldwide, across all industries. It offers you an unparalleled view of the competitive landscape and context you are operating in.


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