Add context to your insights and identify opportunities for your business

peekd is an ecommerce intelligence platform that helps you understand your performance relative to the industry.

Connect, benchmark, identify

Connect Google Analytics. Benchmark your performance. Identify opportunities. With peekd, you understand if your business is growing at the appropriate rate in terms of traffic, transactions, or revenue. Benchmark your audience, channel mix and effectiveness to unlock your full potential.

Your comparative analytics toolkit

peekd combines your sales and marketing performance data with industry benchmarks in a single toolkit. It includes traffic, behavioural and transactional metrics that can be split by audience, channel and technology. Understand where you outperform your competition and identify growth opportunities.


Simply connect your Google Analytics account and you are ready to go. See all your metrics as well as the industry’s performance in a single interface. No need to switch back and forth.

peekd shows you key metrics and how you compare to the industry. It includes metrics like sessions, conversion rates, transactions, revenue, and many more. Dive deeper by segmenting insights by channel and demographics.

Increase user engagement, sales and conversions. peekd helps you focus on what matters most, in order to accelerate your business.

The easiest way to grow your online sales

peekd’s data-set includes more than 100k websites worldwide, across all industries. It offers you an unparalleled view of the competitive landscape and the context you are operating in.


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