About us

peekd is a data science company that builds the infrastructure to generate insights out of first-party sales data


Our mission

Make our clients excel thanks to perfect market insights.

peekd transforms online analytics data of millions of websites into tangible, actionable, and unique insights. Core parts of our technology, such as website categorization and cross-domain product mapping, are powered by sophisticated machine learning engines and leverage the world’s largest first-party data stack as training sets.

Some of the world’s largest companies trust us and leverage our technology to win online.

Management team

peekd’s ten backend engineers and data scientists are leading experts in their respective fields, while our team consists of experts in market research, data science, and consulting.

Felix van Litsenburg

Felix van Litsenburg

Felix left financial consulting in London after 5 years to join peekd as a General Manager.
He holds advanced degrees from Oxford and London School of Economics.
Eldar Djafarov

Eldar Djafarov

Tech Lead
Eldar lead engineering teams in public and private companies prior to joining peekd with a focus on scalable infrastructure.
He holds an Advanced Physics degree from Kyiv University.
Moritz Thoma

Moritz Thoma

Prior to starting peekd, Moritz founded and exited Germany’s largest broker platform.
He studied B.Sc. and B.A. Business Management & Administration at Touro University.
Nir Manor

Nir Manor

Sales Director
Prior to joining peekd as Director, Nir sold his company to Nielsen joining as SVP.
Nir holds a Statistics degree from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Our expertise

peekd's core competencies

Machine Learning

Our team of machine learning engineers and statisticians has been applying cutting-edge machine learning before AI became an ubiquitous buzzword.


Our team have worked with and lead data science teams at online retailers with more than one billion in revenue, helping us speak our clients' language.

Performance Marketing

Our team has long-running experience in data-driven performance marketing with most large DSPs and based on using vasts amount of data.
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