Our mission is to create opportunity by empowering teams with data


peekd is an ecommerce intelligence platform helping online businesses make smart decisions and realize opportunities.

With peekd, companies find power in data and get a strategic advantage. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world rely on peekd’s products to optimize their online performance and unlock their full potential. peekd helps startups to get started and grow their revenues, and established businesses to accelerate into new markets.







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The values that guide us


At peekd, we focus on creating value through collaboration. We believe that no individual or company can unlock its full potential on its own. Only when we come together and work as one, we can achieve extraordinary things.

peekd’s platform provides companies with intelligence, by safely sharing data in a collaborative ecosystem, while protecting each party’s unique data assets and intellectual property. Across our products, hundreds of thousands of data partners come together to collaborate and get a strategic advantage.


We all strive for transparency in what we build at peekd. Traditionally, walled gardens keep data and insights inaccessible. We aim to create transparency for online businesses, in order to make the inaccessible accessible. This helps companies of all sizes to realize more opportunities and accelerate growth.


Data security is at the core of what we do. At peekd, our highest priority is to protect brands, consumers and our network of partner companies. We designed all of peekd’s products to meet or exceed industry standards, by applying leading privacy technologies and systems. Further measurements include security and compliance trainings that all of our employees undergo on a regular basis.


The rise of ecommerce has made it possible for any online business to get real-time, quantitative information on their performance. Many struggle to cut through the vast amount of data and extract value from it.

At peekd, we process data from a significant portion of internet companies around the world, creating leading intelligence for a secure network of data partners. As a result, we help online businesses from a range of industries facilitate smart decisions and realize opportunities.

Our team

Alissa Atanassova

UX/UI Designer

Anne Banschbach

Chief of Staff

Artem Bey

Senior Software Engineer

James Coyle

VP Sales

Eldar Djafarov


Aurelie Ferron

Data Scientist

Maximilian Kaiser

Head of Data Science

Liubov Kapustina

Data Engineer

Frank Korma

Digital Sales & Research

Aleksandra Kukier

Operations & Sales

Maximilian Kunz

Data Scientist

Syed Shahzaib Ahmad

Web Developer

George Matthews

Talent Acquisition Manager

Richard Muck

Senior Data Scientist

Yarik Ponomarenko

Software Engineer

Dr. Till Riffert


William Schultz

Product Lead

Sebastian Schweitzer

Senior Data Scientist

Ryan Taylor

VP Sales

Ana Taškov

UX / UI Designer

Lisa Träbert

Head of People & Culture

Moritz Thoma

Founder & CEO

Adil Munir


Board of directors

Alex Poon

GP, UP2398

Michael Steinberg

GP, Reciprocal Ventures

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