AI-powered anomaly detection for your site and industry

Get alerted and take action whenever the most important metrics in your industry and Google Analytics account rise or fall — before your competitors.



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Always be one step ahead of your industry

  • React to industry changes before your competitors and seize opportunities.
  • peeked’s innovative AI-powered algorithms analyze 150m sessions per day to give you the most accurate industry-level anomaly detection available.  

Personalized anomaly detection for your site

peekd analyzes your site’s data hourly, tracks performance against your goals and the industry, and will alert you via email the second a dipping or rising trend appears. 

Better use of marketing budgets

Has your CPC suddenly jumped within the hour? Has the conversion rate in your industry dipped? Be better prepared to navigate uncertainty to maximize the ROAS on your marketing campaigns. 

Future-proof your business

  • Leverage AI to save you from the tedious task of monitoring every metric movement so you can focus on creative and strategic work.  
  • Keep up with your competitors who have already implemented anomaly detection.

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