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Find out which brands are trending and how customers buy them.

Your window into any brands’ performance

Understand which brands get customers excited, and which ones don’t. Benchmark and compare your brand sales against the market and competitors.
Get a 360° view by using peekd’s brand analytics. Select any brand and we’ll reveal its customer interest metrics, purchase patterns, which channels and devices drive performance, and what keywords customers use to find them across markets.

Optimize your brand strategy with leading insights

How do customers buy my products? Discover digital shelf and cross promotion opportunities by understanding how more than 5,000 brands are being purchased together.

What revenue impact do individual brands have? Compare basket shares and upsell potential. Learn how basket sizes and revenues are impacted by key brands.

Which brands drive purchases in your store? Use peekd’s basket sequence insights to see which brands have the strongest customer and purchase pull in your industry.

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Want to know which channels work best for which brands? peekd’s brand channel analysis lets you understand how the marketing mix differs across brands and lets you understand which channels generate the most revenue for which brand.

Discover where to focus efforts when it comes to content and ad spend by understanding desktop and mobile metrics for the large brands in your market.

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Who leads the market? Peekd’s brand market share analytics help you discover which brands spearhead your industry. Learn about new brands challenging the status quo and react accordingly. Combine interest trends and market share trends to foresee and predict shifts before they happen.

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Ever wanted to understand what path customers take to a brand purchase? peekd’s brand search analytics tell you how keywords and searches develop over time. Optimize your assortment and brand pages to ensure customers find what they are looking for. Discover new search and product trends early on, so you can react faster than your competition.

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Get the full picture on more than 5,000 brands in key countries.


Get access to 6 months of historical data, updated monthly. Best of all? It’s free!


peekd’s dataset includes more than 100 million monthly transactions worldwide, across all industries.


Discover customer acquisition and sales opportunities and improve your performance.

Discover the power of peekd brand analytics