Put transactions at the heart of your search strategy

peekd provides a new way of looking at keywords by connecting them to products and
predicting their sales and traffic

Grow e-commerce revenue with product-level keyword data

Keyword product clusters

We connect branded and non-branded keywords to products (PS5), product categories (Gaming Console), and brands (Sony), making it much easier to find optimisation potential in e-commerce.

Retailer transactional data

For any e-commerce retailer, we predict their paid and organic search sales and revenue for millions of products - fully connected to keywords.

Full-funnel keyword attribution

Independently of the user’s stage in the funnel - from discovery and research to consideration and purchase - you’ll see all traffic, CR, and sales metrics for any keyword.

Boost Keyword Planning with Transactional Intelligence

SEO- Product keyword gaps

Immediately see all keywords that are driving traffic and sales to products and product categories of your competitors and spot opportunities much faster.

PPC-New campaigns in minutes

Upload keywords with landing pages for products you already sell with transactional metrics into Google Ads and build new campaigns within minutes.

Monitoring PDPs, Products,Keywords

peekd’s methodology makes monitoring yours and your competitors’ rankings in your product categories much faster and more relevant.

About peekd

peekd is a global transaction intelligence company that empower s retailer s, brands, and professional services companies to make strategic decisions based on product-level online sales and traffic. Navigate the future of e-commerce with peekd.

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