Analyzing US video game sales using peekd Benchmarking data


Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we used peekd’s ecommerce benchmarking data in May 2020 to analyze the sales of video games in the US.


Our industry intelligence showed that the lockdown boosted video game online sales by about 4X. Video games benefited immensely from lockdown restrictions, as consumers looked for home entertainment. Succeeding this rapid surge, the lockdown boost is now over with sales returning back to a regular state.


Based on peekd’s dataset, we were able to measure the surge and decline in video game sales in real time.

Our ecommerce intelligence empowers online merchants with more data-driven insights into the ecommerce environment. Online retailers can react more quickly to changes in the market and identify growth opportunities. Our benchmarking solution allows for metrics to be broken down into more granular categories. This further helps online merchants to make more informed decisions and succeed in their industry.

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